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The Energy Solutions Company

Lifetime Lights is dedicated to reducing energy and maintenance costs for commercial & industrial facilities all over the world. Through LED lighting, Lifetime Lights has developed the complete system that tackles massive costs associated with lighting.

I cut my total
      energy costs by 36%.
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Adamec Harley-Davidson upgraded their facilities, inside and out, with high-efficiency Lifetime Lights LED lighting, CoolProEM Energy Management and total facility voltage protection reducing their total energy costs and eliminating lighting maintenance.
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We have more light
         and a much lower
               power bill.
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Aqua East Surf Shop upgraded both locations with Lifetime Lights LED lighting, Coolpro EM Energy Management and voltage protection. Aqua East Surf Shop has decreased their energy consumption by 35% while drastically increasing the lighting and improving the look in their showrooms.
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      We’ve reduced our
HVAC run time by 56%.
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Woodchuck’s Furniture replaced all existing lights with Lifetime Lights LEDs, upgraded their thermostats with CoolProEM Energy Management and added Lifetime Lights voltage protection to their panels. All of this has reduced their energy usage drastically in both lighting and HVAC run time.
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What Makes
Lifetime Lights Different?

Lifetime Lights is “The Energy Solutions Company.”TM After 17 years in the energy saving industry, Lifetime Lights does not look at any one segment of power consumption.

LED lighting, Energy Management and Voltage Protection all combined make up the Lifetime Lights System. With this system, Lifetime Lights has saved millions of dollars across the globe.

So, when looking for a lighting company, look for one that sees the big picture of savings and results. Look for a company that takes your project from beginning to end with your satisfaction in mind. Look for The Energy Solutions Company.

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